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Photo of Dot Creates owner Danielle

Dot Creates is a small, independent business. Owned and run by Danielle Timcke and founded in October 2015.

The idea of Dot Creates first started when I was going through a rough patch. I needed something to keep my spirits up and a way of getting my creative fix. I started playing with illustrations but I also wanted to learn something knew - so I started playing with hand-lettering.

I was originally a painter before I went into a career of Design and deep down I missed using the traditional mediums. So to be playing and experimenting with paint, ink and pens, gave me back a spark I didn't realise I had lost. It wasn't easy though. It took a lot of practice and play to get used to brush-lettering. I set myself the task to do a quick 5 minute piece every day, which wasn't always easy, but it definitely got my brain learning fast. I love the challenge and it's so exciting to look back at your work and see how you've grown.

I wanted my work to have a purpose. Now I look back it was obvious, but I never saw it until recently. I love stationery and writing lists - I always carry a notebook or sketchbook in my bag. So why couldn't I sell my work and create stationery products? It took a lot of research, time and trying to tell myself I can do this. But I finally decided to go for it and open my own online shop - and i'm so glad I did!

What does Dot Creates mean?

Before I started thinking about opening an online shop I ran a blog called Dot About Town. It was a lifestyle blog that I used as a diary of my life, travels and my artwork. My initials are DOT, so I used that as a play on words. Later when I began to think of the future of my work I didn't want to lose the 'Dot' so I decided to carry it over and came up with Dot Creates.

Can I follow you anywhere?

Yes! Dot Creates can be found on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

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